Oregon Masters Lacrosse League

League Rules of Play

OMLL play will follow USLacrosse Post Collegiate Club Rules with some minor modifications.

2021 NCAA Mens Lacrosse Rules

US Lacrosse Mens POCO Club Rules, Level B Modifications

  • No body checks on a defenseless player.
  • No excessive body checks.
  • No shot clock.
  • Shoulder/chest pads are optional.
  • Head/stringing rules are modified to allow use of older equipment.

OMLL Rules

  • 20 yd substitution box.
  • Game time will be four 15 minute running time quarters.
  • Games will be officiated with 2 referees when possible, 1 referee minimum.
  • Ties are allowed, overtime at captains and referees discretion as time permits.

Home team responsibilities

  • Provide field
  • Provide equipment: goals, balls, cones, scoreboard, score table, etc.
  • Provide scorekeeper/timekeeper
  • Pay referees

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