Oregon Masters Lacrosse League

Teams Rosters

Following are old rosters from the 2019 Summer season. These are here for reference. New team rosters for the 2020 season will be available later this Spring.


manager: Keith K.

Alex T.Defense
Andy D.Mid
Ben H.Mid
Casey C.Mid
Chris M.Mid/Attack
Chris S.Defense
Court B.Mid
Danny G.Mid
David B.Mid
Erik I.Defense
Jason T.Mid
Jeff H.Attack/Mid
Joe S.Mid
Joel L.Mid
Keith K.Mid
Lee R.Mid
Mark W.Mid
Pete J.Attack/Mid
Peter L.Defense
Ryan L.Defense
Scott M.Goalie


manager: Nate W.

Alison S.Mid
Billy D.Mid
Chris K.Attack
Chris S.Mid
Craig M.Mid/Attack
Eric M.Attack
James J.Defense
James M.Attack
Jim V.Defense
Jonathan D.Attack
Kyle M.LSM
Lewis M.Mid
Matt R.Mid
Mike W.LSM/Defense
Nate W.Mid
Paul F.Defense/Mid
Rick F.Goalie
Robin W.Defense
Tom D.Attack/Mid
Will F.Attack/Mid


manager: Jesse D.

Ari K.Attack
Chris B.Attack/Mid/Defense
Colby E.Defense
Cooper M.Defense/LSM
Dave B.Mid
Dustin S.Mid/Attack
Ethan K.Mid
Garrett W.LSM
Jeff M.Defense/Mid
Jeremy A.Attack/Mid
Jesse D.Attack/Mid
Joe O.Goalie
John B.Defense/Mid
Jon S.Mid
Kiva H.Mid
Michael W.Defense
Robert F.Face/Mid/Attack
Tim T.Mid/Attack
TJ V.Defense/LSM
Todd M.Goalie/Attack
Todd P.Mid/Attack
Tyler C.Mid


manager: Andy K.

Al B.Mid
Alex Z.Mid
Andy K.Mid
Art C.Attack/Mid
Dan M.Defense
Dave S.Attack
Dustin G.Mid
James T.Mid/Attack
Jeff K.Attack
Jimmy Y.Defense
Joe L.Mid
John B.Defense
Justin C.Mid
Kyle V.Attack
Martin W.Mid
Matt G.LSM
Mike K.Defense
Nathan P.LSM
Paul S.Attack
Paul V.Attack
Robert B.LSM/Defense
Ross H.LSM/Defense
Tim S.Goalie

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