Oregon Masters Lacrosse League

About the Oregon Masters Lacrosse League

OMLL is a volunteer run not-for-profit organization intended to fill two fundamental needs for Lacrosse in the Portland metro area.

1) To provide organized semi-competetive Lacrosse to veteran adult players who have moved on from the younger club leagues.

2) To provide a venue to transfer Lacrosse skills and IQ to new adult Lacrosse players introduced to the sport through youth coaching.

The Oregon Masters Lacrosse League, 2021 Summer Season.

  • Semi-competitive lacrosse league for 35+ yr old players.
  • 4 teams from around the Portland area.
  • 6 midweek games.
  • Split of home-away games, with late start times for easy commutes.
  • Post season tournament and cookout in August.

The league was founded in 2019 by Andy Klumpp and Joe Lowe, with much assistance from other key individuals in the Oregon Lacrosse scene. (We miss you Doug.)

If you would like to help please email andy@omll.org


Andy Klumpp
e-mail: andy@omll.org

Joe Lowe
cell: 503 206 2541
e-mail: joe@omll.org

Dustin Sluman
e-mail: dustin@omll.org

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