Oregon Masters Lacrosse League

Oregon Masters Lacrosse League


Get ready for the Oregon Masters Lacrosse League, 2021 Summer Season.

  • Semi-competitive lacrosse league for 35+ yr old players.
  • 4 teams from around the Portland area.
  • 6 midweek games starting early June.
  • Split of home-away games with evening game times, for easy commutes.
  • Post season tournament and cookout in August.

Send an e-mail to joe@omll.org, to get on the notification list so you can stay in the loop. Please include the following information. (We will forward this to your team's captain.)

  • Age.
  • Position.
  • Location (e.g., Sherwood, Hilsboro, ...)

Organizers and Captains

League organizers and captains are Andy Klumpp, Joe Lowe, Nathan Whirty, Pete Jacobs, Keith Kroeger, and Dustin Sluman. If you would like to help please email andy@omll.org

We need your help to spread the word about this great league.

End of Season Tournament

When: Sunday August 8th at noon
Where: Normandale Park, NE field
5700 NE Halsey St, Portland, OR

Each team will get 3 half games. Results will be combined with regular season standings. 1st and 2nd place teams will play a final championship half game.

First face-off at 12:30pm, schedule TBD

Drinkup and food will commence at 3:30pm

Hope to see everyone there!

2021 Standings

Slow Breakers

4 wins
2 losses

June 9th: L, Slow Breakers 9, Portland 10
June 16th: W, Slow Breakers 14, Foster's 7
June 23rd: W, Slow Breakers 11, Sloths 9
July 14th: W, Slow Breakers 8, Portland 7
July 21st: W, Slow Breakers 14, Foster's 4
July 28th: L, Slow Breakers 6, Sloths 9


5 wins
1 losses

June 9th: W, Sloths 10, Foster's 7
June 16th: W, Sloths 10, Portland 4
June 23rd: L, Sloths 9, Slow Breakers 11
July 14th: W, Sloths 8, Foster's 2
July 21st: W, Sloths 5, Portland 3
July 28th: W, Sloths 9, Slow Breakers 6


3 wins
3 losses

June 9th: W, Portland 10, Slow Breakers 9
June 16th: L, Portland 4, Sloths 10
June 23rd: W, Portland 12, Foster's 3
July 14th: L, Portland 7, Slow Breakers 8
July 21st: L, Portland 3, Sloths 5
July 28th: W, Portland 9, Foster's 7


0 wins
6 losses

June 9th: L, Foster's 7, Sloths 10
June 16th: L, Foster's 7, Slow Breakers 14
June 23rd: L, Foster's 3, Portland 12
July 14th: L, Foster's 2, Sloths 8
July 21st: L, Foster's 4, SlowBreakers 14
July 28th: L, Foster's 7, Portland 9

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